Generate Coupon Codes For Lowes Home Improvement Stores.

Lowes Coupon Generator

Promotional codes will work online and in store. Lowes can scan the barcode from this website at the register.

Important: Since Lowes coupon update it takes multiple tries for valid codes. It could be 1 or 2 sometimes 100 tries, be patient. Updates are coming to aid in faster generation. We are working hard for our users, visiting our sponsors helps us out a great deal.

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Important Notice

Before placing your order with Lowes, check the price of your item on Amazon. Use the search bar below to see if the price is cheaper even with a promo code.

Helpful tips for using discount codes:

Click pop-out for a nicer view at the register. Copy button will copy the promo to your clipboard, paste it in the promotion code box on Lowes website for online orders. Certain mobile platforms require you to hit the spacebar after pasting the code on Lowes website in order to activate the apply button.

If you receive "promotion has already been redeemed" during the online checkout process simply click new code, these codes are randomly generated while the chance of getting a used code is small it does happen.

Problems or Comments

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Lowes Promo Codes

Updated codes are automatically looked for by the server every hour but typically only change one time per month. Discounts can vary every month 10% off and 20% are pretty standard although others are seen a few times a year. LCG will always be free for everyone so please share this application. You can help support this project by donating via bitcoin below.